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Strathdale Medical Centre is a private billing practice. Current fees are displayed in the clinic. A discount fee is available to Pensioners and Health Care Card Holders. If you are having difficulty paying your fee, please speak to your doctor.  Payment on the day is preferred.  Payment can be made by cash, credit card or Eftpos.  Veterans’ Affairs card-holders are bulk-billed at all times.

STRATHDALE MEDICAL CENTRE FEES effective from 18th May 2022


Item                                  Fee                                        Rebate                                 Out of pocket


Item 3

Brief Consult  Up to 5 minutes     

Private fee                       $39.00                                   $17.90                                       $21.10

Concession                      $27.80                                   $17.90                                       $10.00         

Item 23

Standard Consult less than 20 minutes

Private fee                        $72.00                                   $39.10                                       $32.90                       

Concession                      $60.95                                    $39.10                                       $22.90

Item 36

Long Consult  lasting at least 20 minutes

Private                              $125.50                                  $75.75                                     $49.75

Concession                       $109.00                                  $75.75                                     $33.25

Item 44

Prolonged consult lasting at least 40 minutes

Private fee                         $174.00                                 $111.50                                    $62.50

Concession                       $160.00                                  $111.50                                    $48.50

All surgical procedures performed in the Treatment Room (e.g. laceration repairs, lesion excisions etc.) will incur a $35.00 out-of-pocket fee to cover the cost of consumables. The exact fee for the procedure will depend on the complexity of the procedure. This will be explained prior to the procedure